North America Inside Out In Post-Production Lone Wolf/Discovery Channel
Urban Pastorale Concert Music Chameleon Arts Ensemble
Autowerkes TV Ad Darren Setlow
A Christmas Carol Original Live Underscore Portland Stage
Discovery Telescope: First Light Documentary Score Lone Wolf/Discovery Channel
Racing the Rock Documentary Score Adam Costa/No Scurvy
Arabelle and Her Music Wand Concert Music Chameleon Arts Ensemble
Titanic at 100 Additional Music History Channel/Lone Wolf
The Snow Queen Performed Original Score LIVE Portland Stage
Holiday eCard Animation Score Discovery Creative for Discovery Communications
Sex In the Stone Age Documentary Lone Wolf Documentary Group
Confederate Flying Machine Documentary Nat Geo Explorer/Lone Wolf Documentary Group
Swamp Talk iPhone Game Tertl Studos
Music Is Ours Concert Music Chameleon Arts Ensemble
Killer Robots – Robogames 2011 Robot Cage Match/Opening Sequence Discovery Creative/Science Channel
South Sudan – The Birth of a Nation Documentary Mercy Corps
Great Lakes Ghost Ships Documentary Nat Geo Explorer/Lone Wolf Documentary Group
Underwater Universe (4 – 1hr episodes) Documentary History Channel/Lone Wolf
NOVA: Secrets Beneath the Ice Documentary WNET Television/WGBH/PBS
World’s Oldest Child Documentary Nat Geo/Lone Wolf
Star Clock, B.C. Documentary Nat Geo/Lone Wolf
Horse Sense & Soldiers Documentary Military Channel/Lone Wolf
City Under the Sea Documentary Nat Geo/Lone Wolf
Predict It! Computer Game (Music & Sound Design) Tertl Studos
I Escaped Real Prison Breaks Opening Title Discovery Creative/ID
Why AFGG? Animated Short Lone Wolf Documentary Group
Twisted Opening Title Discovery Creative/ID
Creating Synthetic Life Documentary Discovery Science/Compass Light
21st Century Stealth Submarine Documentary Nat Geo/Lone Wolf DG
Passion of the Hausfrau Animation (Score) Nicole Chaison, Author & Illustrator
“Glue” for Chamber Ensemble Concert Music Chameleon Arts Ensemble
Paradise Lost Opening Title Discovery Creative/ID
ID Investigates Opening Title Discovery Creative/Investigation Discovery
Killer Subs in Pearl Harbor Documentary Nova/WGBH/Lone Wolf DG
A Christmas Carol Theater Music and Sound Design Portland Stage
Dirty Bomb Attack Documentary National Geographic Channel/Lone Wolf DG
Walk on By Dramatic Short Film Lisa Quijano Wolfinger
Living on the Moon Documentary National Geographic Channel/Lone Wolf DG
Passion of the Hausfrau Theater Music & Sound Design Portland Stage
Underwater Universe Documentary History Channel/Lone Wolf DG
Outdoor Classrooms Training Video Boston Schoolyard Initiative
The Hollywood Lens of Murray Garrett Documentary (Score) BBT Films
Just Say Love Feature Film Score StageWright Films/Regent Entertainment
Heartwood (Web Pilot) Animation Short David Schlafman
Magnetic North Theater Music & Sound Design Portland Stage
Squirmy & Laverne Animation Soup2Nuts
Steamy Greens (pitch) Animation Soup2Nuts
Terrible Meek Feature Film Score BBT Films
My Best Friend for Congress Short Film WGBH Lab
Play Outside Chamber Music Chameleon Arts Ensemble
Word Girl Additional Music PBS/Soup2Nuts
Strange Faculty Music Psychic Improv Comedy
Iron Kisses Music and Sound Portland Stage
Assy McGee Additional Music Cartoon Network
2006 and earlier
Promotional DVD Video Score Improv Boston
Psychic Improv Theme Song Improvised Psychic Theater
Armageddon Film Score Film by Matt McLaughlin
Groove Reel Video Score Brian Dowley, DP
Working in Common Video Score Pureland Pictures
Drive Time vBlog Score Ravi Jain, Multimedia Artist
Fly Guy (Pitch) Animated Series Soup 2 Nuts
IB Mainstage Live Underscore Improv Boston
Pirate Lives Theater Score Improv Boston
Card Sharks Film Score IB Film Group
Election Live Underscore Improv Boston
Quest Live Underscore Improv Boston
Ay Diego Video Score Improv Boston
Recipe for Love Film Score IB Film Group
Sondlin Freedom: Suite Orchestral Jazz Indigo Invention Group
First Storybook: Suite Orchestral Jazz Indigo Invention Group
Four Pieces Orchestral Jazz BMI Jazz Composer’s Workshop
The Handshake Theater Underscore Bess Welden & Annette Jolles
Flightweight Inventions Performance Saxophone, Storyteller
Music from the Day Concert Music Montgomery County Youth Orchestra
World of a Thread Tree Concert Music Saxophone & Electronics
Any Window I Do Concert Music Gary Louie & Kirsten Taylor
Diminishing Resistence Crystals Concert Music Gary Louie (Saxophone)
Watch the Sea and Listen Dance Production Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group
Two Pieces Orchestral Jazz Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra